About Us

Sempra LNG develops and builds natural gas liquefaction facilities and is pursuing the development of five strategically located LNG projects in North America with a goal of delivering up to 45 Mtpa of clean natural gas to the largest world markets, which would make Sempra Energy one of North America’s largest developers of LNG-export infrastructure facilities.

After demonstrating success with developing large projects and meeting and exceeding safety requirements, Sempra LNG has established itself as an industry leader.

Why Sempra LNG?

Experienced Partner

Our success in forming lasting partnerships demonstrates our flexible and pragmatic approach to commercial structuring and ability to accommodate our partners’ interests.

Our Team

With years of combined experience, our executive members have a proven track record in this industry.

Safety & Reliability

Sempra LNG meets and exceeds industry safety requirements; no reported incidents.

Strategic Locations

Our projects in development all have access to infrastructure (pipeline, storage, marine, services); abundant, proven, developed reserve basins; and growing LNG markets.


Our community partnership program supports the areas of health and safety, environment, education and economic development.


Sempra LNG funds programs that protect local ecosystems.

Our Projects

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Liquefied Natural Gas
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Sempra LNG, through its joint venture affiliate, Cameron LNG, LLC, is currently involved in the construction of Cameron LNG’s three-train liquefaction project in Hackberry, Louisiana, and is engaged in the initial development of a proposed expansion.

Additionally, Sempra is proposing to develop the Port Arthur LNG natural gas liquefaction and export facility in Port Arthur, Texas through its affiliate Port Arthur LNG, LLC.

Sempra and IEnova, Sempra’s subsidiary in Mexico, are seeking to add liquefaction facilities to the existing Energía Costa Azul (ECA) regasification terminal in Baja California.

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Natural Gas Infrastructure
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With integral pipelines that enable natural gas to be transported to major markets in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast, we have the experience, the network and the resources to successfully develop customized natural gas solutions for tomorrow.

The midstream pipelines we own and operate received zero pipeline safety violations after undergoing nearly 40 state and federal inspections.