Mississippi Hub

Sempra’s Mississippi Hub Storage is a high-deliverability underground facility located at the Bond Salt Dome in Simpson County, Mississippi.


Location : Simpson County, Mississippi
Total Working Gas Capacity : 22.3 Bcf
Injection Capacity : 360 MMcfd from Transco or 480 MMcfd from SNG/ SESH
Total Withdrawal Capacity : 1,200 MMcfd
Pipeline Connections : Southern Natural Gas (SNG), Southeast Supply Header (SESH), Transcontinental Gas Pipeline (Transco)
Commercial Operation : August 2010

The facility offers close proximity to major interstate pipelines and pipeline expansion projects that access major downstream natural gas markets. It also provides access to major sources of shale gas production , liquefied natural gas exports, as well as traditional gas supplies along the Gulf Coast.

Mississippi Hub Storage has multiple pipeline interconnections and is ideally located to serve growing demand centers. Direct pipeline connections include Southern Natural Gas (SNG), Southeast Supply Header (SESH) and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline (Transco).

The facility has three storage caverns holding up to 22.3 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of working gas. Additional cavern and associated pipeline expansion opportunities will be evaluated and constructed based on regional market demand for storage services.


  • Provides a safe and reliable natural gas storage solution
  • Helps meet the country’s demand for cleaner energy
  • Direct connections with major pipelines that access downstream natural gas markets
  • Supports domestic energy security and economic growth
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